New Seasoned Rider Coming In 2019

Seasoned Rider is celebrating our seventh year by broadening our horizons in the new year. We want to expand the Seasoned Rider community and provide our readers/fans with new exciting experiences in 2019.

This year we will be offering an all new digital magazine for our readers. You will find articles and features geared towards you the seasoned rider. The digital magazine will include some new features this year we think you will find interesting. Our website has been upgraded to provide informative and interesting articles from across the country and around the world.

We want our readers/members/fans to feel as if they are part of a larger community of seasoned riders, so we have formed the Seasoned Rider Association. If you join you will have access to a private Facebook group to help you find trail riding buddies in your area. You can earn awards and recognize the accomplishments of you and your horse. Earn trail mile awards with our Happy Trails Riding and Driving Incentive Program. Earn show placement points and awards when you participate in any type of show. Earn Seasoned Rider class placement awards at shows that offer Seasoned Rider sanctioned classes. We are partnering with other associations. You will receive discounts and special pricing from our Partnership Business members.​You will also receive discount entry fees at Seasoned Rider competitions and challenges as well discount tickets to Seasoned Rider conferences and events. A ​monthly e-newsletter​

will arrive in your mail box every month. And you will receive a subscription to Seasoned Rider Digital Magazine featuring specialized news, human interest stories and articles by, for and about Seasoned Riders and the Seasoned Rider Lifestyle.​

What we are really excited about is our plans for several Seasoned Rider events through out 2019. We are bringing back our Seasoned Rider Versatility Challenge as well some new events. We are still in the planning stage, but look for dates and places for these event coming this Spring.

Let's gallop into the new year and show everyone why Seasoned Riders Rock.