Seasoned Rider Association New In 2019

We so pleased to announce the Seasoned Rider Association. The Mission of the Seasoned Rider Association is to celebrate the Seasoned Rider Lifestyle and create a community (both in real time and online) for those horse owners and riders in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. The Seasoned Rider Association wants to build a network of Seasoned Riders to interact, discuss and promote the pleasure of of owning horses at any age - whether you trail ride, drive, compete or just enjoy the company of horses.​The Seasoned Rider Association also seeks to advocate for owners, riders and enthusiasts from all disciplines with all breeds of horses and encourage fun and fellowship with Seasoned Rider activities and challenges.


Annual Points & Awards Earn awards and recognize the accomplishments of you and your horse. Earn trail mile awards with our Happy Trails Riding and Driving Incentive Program. Earn show placement points and awards when you participate in any type of show. Earn Seasoned Rider class placement awards at shows that offer Seasoned Rider sanctioned classes.

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Discounts and special pricing from our Partnership Business members.

Discount entry fees at Seasoned Rider competitions and challenges.

Discount tickets to Seasoned Rider conferences and events.

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Subscription to Seasoned Rider Digital Magazine.

Specialized news, human interest stories and articles by, for and about Seasoned Riders and the Seasoned Rider Lifestyle.

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A private Facebook group to help you find trail riding buddies in your area.