Seasoned Rider Events Coming Up

We are busy planning and plotting some great Seasoned Rider Events for this year. These events will bring Seasoned Riders together for fun, friendship and new experiences with their horses.

Seasoned Rider Versatility Challenge - This three phase event is open to all 40+ riders, any discipline or any breed of horse. It will test your skills, your horsemanship and your confidence. It will also test your horse's trust and confidence in you. What it all really comes down to is having fun, bonding with your horse and making new friends.

Seasoned Rider Friends & Fun Horse Show - Okay, before you tune out because you don't have any interest in showing, you stopped showing because it was no longer enjoyable, you're not interested in winning ribbons or just not that competitive let me explain.

The Seasoned Rider shows are all about having fun, enjoying your horse and making new friends. We don't take it too seriously. We want everyone to have fun while challenging themselves and their horse, oh and also connecting with fellow Seasoned Riders. The shows are open to all breeds and all levels of riders we will even include some youth classes so you can share the experiences with the younger generation.

There will be some standard performance classes, but we will also include some really fun classes too such as musical chairs; ride-a-buck; two rode together; cutest couple, costume classes and horse and dog trail class - to mention a few. There will be driving classes as well. Why not join us for day of fun, friends and horses.

Look for dates and locations of these great events to be announced soon.