Seasoned Rider Radio Premiers- Listeners Love It

On May 31st the Seasoned Rider Radio premiered and seasoned riders across the country loved it. The Podcast will be weekly and feature interesting seasoned riders as guest. Each week we hope to bring interesting interviews and segments about seasoned riders and their horses. We will also have Horse Talk a feature each week where we discuss issues that are of interested to seasoned riders and also have some fun as well. The premier was just to give you all a little taste of what's to come.

This week guest will be dressage rider Cynthia Spalding. While Cynthia is currently a dressage rider she has done it all from western to jumping . Cynthia has been a horse training, a competitor and instructor for several decades. Be sure and tune in for hear her story. In upcoming weeks look for more interesting seasoned riders.

Also this week look for Mind Body & Spirit training podcast to hosted by Seasoned Rider Radio. Cheryl Childs specialized in helping seasoned riders and of course she is seasoned rider herself. She will be talking about finding your confidence after having an issue with horse, be sure to tune in and listening.