A Heart Horse Story

February was Heart Horse Month on Seasoned Rider Facebook and we asked people to send photosgraphs of their heart horse along with a brief story about that horse.Will feature one of the great Heart Horse stories that was posted on our Facebook here.

This Heart Horse story and photo was posted by Kate Hawkins-Havens

This is Prins Baldur. We were together for 20 years...he was my best friend, my soul mate, one of my kids...my other half. He was with me through two marriages, one divorce, three kids, countless life changes - he was always my constant. He knew me better than anyone and would periodically buck (very carefully,he didn’t want to actually drop me!) to make me laugh. He loved donuts and coffee. He died four years ago of congestive heart failure and it feels like yesterday, in fact I’m tearing up as I write this. Heart horse doesn’t cover what he is to me