If My Barn Closes Due COVID 19

Some boarding stables are having to close due the COVID 19 for the safety of their staff and clients. Here a couple tips for what you need to do if this happens or has happened to you.

  • Trust that our barn staff is attentive and aware, should anything happen to my horse.

  • Note: Barn staff are incredibly busy! If you’re in transition between barns for care issues, only then would I suggest sending a text to the owner to “check in.”

  • Trust that your vet has your horse’s best interest in mind.

  • Phone calls can still relay plenty of information should anything happen in your absence – and you still have control over any decisions regarding your horse’s healthcare.

  • Trust that your horse still is with his friends and living it up while not getting ridden.

  • Weather pending, your horse is essentially getting downtime to “just be a horse” – and I believe they do all need some time off to refresh. My mare gets pretty sour if she doesn’t get some time off during the winter. I’m also very careful to give her a few days off each week – she doesn’t thrive if she’s ridden six days a week (though some do!)

  • Trust that your horse will not lose as much fitness as you think he might.

  • Horses aren’t quite like us. We may not work out for a week or two, and I know how it feels…can you say “bloat” or “ugh”? Even if your horse does lose a bit of fitness from not being ridden and likely will need some easy rides once you’re back in action to refresh on everything you were working on, they very quickly regain fitness. That being said, they’ll still be turned out and moving around, so they’ll fashion their own version of exercise, including Halter Tag and Rip All the Blankets.

  • Trust that your horse will (likely) not be completely feral when you get back to work together.

  • They do have memories and won’t forget how to be ridden. Just a bit of a refresher may be needed!