US charity’s Covid-19 recovery fund to help world’s equines

Brooke USA has launched a crisis fundraising campaign to provide humanitarian aid during the growing global fight against the Covid-19 novel coronavirus.

It has launched the Covid-19 Response & Recovery Fund aiming to help equines and owners, particularly in countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean that will need increased assistance. In some communities, this may mean providing care for working animals whose owners have been impacted by the pandemic. In others, it may involve helping get food to a family who can no longer work due to illness or economic distress.

“Even if they have been exposed to the virus, women and their donkeys will still have to walk miles to fetch water for their families. Farmers will still need to take their mules to crowded, hot markets to sell their goods. Children will still need help from their horses to complete morning chores. None of that changes during a global health crisis,” Brooke USA said.

“In the developing world there is a lack of health care facilities, medical supplies are not readily available, and living in highly crowded communal situations exacerbates the risk of spread.

“Moreover, the international community which normally offers aid is hard-pressed to help because every nation is dealing with their own problems related to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The current crisis has also impacted the US, leaving horses, donkeys and mules abandoned and local equine organizations in desperate need of financial support.