Sometimes They Can't Understand What Horses Mean To Some Of Us

Horses have been part of my life for 45 out of my 58 years, so one would think that after all those years people wouldn't say things like " well if you didn't have those horses" to me. How in the world do they not realize that horses are who I am for heaven sake? That's right I'm a 58 year old woman who couldn't imagine my life without horses in it.

No, I don't take many vacations to the Caribbean (if I could afford it) because I have horses, but I don't care. Yes, I have to live in the country instead in town, but that's fine with me if it means I can walk out my back door and hear those horses whinny at me every morning -that's what keeps me going. Sure there are times when I have to leave a social event earlier than others do because I have to go home to feed the herd, not a problem for me - I enjoy taking care of those horses and some days it's all that gets me through my day. I know if you're not a horse person you don't understand this, but please just smile and accept it because it makes me happy.

I realize to some people horses are just a beast, but to me they are for more than just a beast. Horses have given me so much in life like confidence, courage, grace, patience, compassion and spirit. When I was in the 7th grade I was terrified to get up in front of the class and give an oral book report, but today I stand in the middle of an arena, with far more people watching than those in that 7th grade class, and conduct clinics at Horse Expos. My job today is standing up in front of people instructing, giving clinics, judging horse shows and speaking to groups of people with no fear whatsoever. I think horses helped me face difficult things in my life both now and when I was younger, but I didn't realize it then the way I do today. If it hadn't been for horses I probably wouldn't have become a writer. I think horses make me a better person and actually help me see things more clarity.

To me horses are very spiritual beings. I read a book called Horses and the Mystical Path The Celtic Way of Expanding The Human Soul and in that book they talk about how horses have affected human lives throughout time. There were so many things in the book that made me say " yes that's how I feel," and made me feel connected to the Celtic people. For me horses connect me to my ancestors. When I'm training a horse I feel a connection to my Grandfather. Being around my horses often time makes me feel closer to family members that are no longer here with us.

In conclusion I'm proud to be a unabashed horses enthuses who is looking forward to many more years of taking care of horses, riding horses, training horses and just having them in my life. Monica Dickens said it best. " If you have it, it's for life. It is disease which there is no cure. You go on riding even after they have to haul onto a comfortable wise old cob, with feet like inverted buckets and back like a fireside chair," If don't understand it I can never explain to you, but please never say to me " if you didn't have horses".