Book Review- Horses and the Mystical Path

On a trip to Scotland, the psychotherapist family team of Adele, Marlena, and Thomas McCormick; pioneers in the psychotherapeutic use of horses; discover that early Celtic mysticism holds important insights into an equestrian-partnered spirituality. Through serendipitous encounters, they learn the at the ancient Celtic people befriended the horse to cultivate the human heart and soul, and that horses accompanied the Celts as they spread their spiritual vision far and wide. The McCormicks soon embark on a wisdom pilgrimage. From India to Mexico to Spain and Morocco, they follow the ancient relationship between horses and humans, exploring a mystical path lit by a spirit of unity and beauty. With help from their horses, the McCormicks learn to integrate spirituality with their psychological training, forming a new, powerful form of healing. Horses and the Mystical Path recounts their memorable journey, and the lessons they learn from their amazing equine guides.

This book is a great read and I would highly recommend reading it. You learn about the Celtic people and how they related to horses. It is very well written and holds your interest from beginning to end. It may make look at your relationship with your horse completely differently.