Seasoned Driver Rock!

The sport of driving is growing and Seasoned Drivers are a large part of the growth of that sport.

For some driving is just the pleasure of getting together with fellow horsemen/women and enjoying a day driving in the country. Still other Seasoned Drivers enjoy attending a show and competing in a driving class. Many people enjoy the challenge of the sport of Combined Driving - the driving equivalent of three day eventing: dressage, marathon and cones classes. Coach Driving (driving large and elegant coaches with teams of horses in competitive events) is also popular. Still others enjoy driving large draft hitches pulling wagons.

There are so many options for driving today from the type of vehicle to the breed of horse you choose to drive. The photos we have featured in Seasoned Rider over the years are a great representation of that. We have featured Percheron team hitched to a wagon, a Gypsy Vanner Horse hitched a two wheeled wooden cart and Welsh cross hitched to a two wheel metal jog cart. Whatever your interest in driving there is a vehicle and breed to suit you.

For many people driving is the fulfillment of a life long dream that they now have the time or money to pursue. For some people driving is the new challenge they’ve been looking for for them and their horse after years of riding. Still others, you might say, stumble into driving after their friends bought a driving horse or they purchased a horse that was already broke to drive- in other words the driving bug bit them.

With growing interest in driving there are more and more driving clinics being held and trainers are offering driving lessons and training. So if you are interested in getting into driving we suggest you start there. You will find more competitions now that include driving classes and there more driving events. There are Driving Clubs across the country for drivers to join to seek information and fellowship.