This a photograph taken of my Grandfather at Harness Race in 1940's some time. He raced and trained Stanardbred Harness Horses. In 2013 we held a Retro Photo month on the Seasoned Rider Facebook We received photos of Grandparents and Parents of Seasoned Riders- some dating back to the 1930s - which were great to see. The photos of the Seasoned Riders themselves dated back to the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s. Those photos really brought back memories for me. It’s funny how all those photographs, including the ones of parents and grandparents, just seemed so familiar - as if they had come right out of my own family photo album. It looks as though we all share many of the same horse experiences in our lives. That was so much fun for everyone we have decided it was time to do it again. So starting August 1st through the end of the month we are asking all you Seasoned Riders to post a Retro Photo of horses on our facebook You can e-mail photos to . The photos will also be featured on the Seasoned Rider Digtal Magazine in September as well . So get those photos posted.