Seasoned Rider Versatility Challenge Goes Virtual

The Seasoned Rider Versatility Challenge is going virtual. Due to Covid 19 there are many shows and events choosing to go virtual this year, yet we have been considering doing this for some time. We feel it gives more Seasoned Riders across the country and around the world the opportunity to compete in this great event from the comfort of their own backyard through the use of videos.

The Challenge consists of four phases the Horsemanship , Obstacle , Trail and the Freestyle phase. Each phase can be performed in a flat open area or arena in your own backyard. Competitors videotape themselve riding each phase and submit the video to be judged. Each phase is judged on a point system. The Seasoned Rider Challenge is open to all breeds and all disciplines. Riders must be 40 or over to enter.

Horsemanship Phase- The Horsemanship phase is designed to show the rider’s overall skill in the saddle and the teamwork of the horse and rider. In this phase all competitors are asked to walk, trot, and canter. Each competitor will ride in a simple pattern that may include a serpentine around cones and riding on a circle. Patterns will be available on the website. This phase can be performed in a flat area or an arena.

The judging is scored 60% on overall riding ability. 20% on overall teamwork of horse and rider and 20% on horse’s attitude.

Obstacle Phase - The Obstacle phase is designed to test the trust and confidence that the horse and rider have as a team. A series of obstacles can be set up in a open area or an arena. Each horse/rider team must negotiate all of the obstacles. Each obstacle is assigned a point value and the horse/rider team will be evaluated on the willingness, responsiveness, correctness and general attitude at each obstacle. The obstacles (which will not be complicated or difficult make) will be listed for the competitors on the website.

Trail Riding Phase- This phase is ridden on the trail (it doesn't have to be an actual trail as long as it's an open area) to show the rider's skill and the horse's ability to handle riding on the trail. The rider can either have a family member/friend video tape them on the trail or you can use your phone to video (view through the ears) yourself while riding. The ride should be between 10 and 15 minutes in length and no more. This phase will be judged 50% on the rider's ability to control the horse on the trail and 50% on the horse's attitude on the trail.

Freestyle Phase - In the Freestyle phase the competitors are encouraged to get creative. Use of music, props, and costumes are allowed. Each competitor must perform at least 2 gaits (of their choice) going both directions. Each competitor must perform a stop at some point during the performance.

Each competitor must perform a back at some point during the performance.

Performance may be of any time length, but must not exceed 4 minutes.

This phase judged 40% on teamwork, 40% on performance (gaits, stop, back, use of arena/pasture ) and 10% on creativity. We encourage competitors to

have fun with the phase.

Each of these phases may be ridden in a open area or arena, but an arena is not required. Rider's attire is informal, but should be clean and presentable. Tack can be either English or Western and should be clean and presentable as well. We encourage everyone to have fun and enjoy their horse. More information coming soon here so stay tuned.