Product Review- Dually Schooling Halter

The Monty Roberts Dually Schooling Halter is a gentle and effective training tool to have in your tack room. The Dually Training Halter, designed by Monty, is a patented schooling halter which effectively rewards horses for acting in partnership with the handler. This useful training aid will help get the most out of your work when leading, loading, long-lining, as a bitless bridle and more.

I was graciously given the Dually halter after my gelding was used in a Farrier’s Demo at a Horse Expo. I have always been a Monty Roberts fan and respected him as trainer so I gladly accepted the halter. I took it home and hung it up in my tack room, not giving it much thought again, until I started training a 4 year old mare who had a bad habit of gettting ahead of you on the lead or planting her feet and not moving. I went and got the Dually halter out of my tack room. I carefully read the instructions that came with it then slipped it onto the mare. After about four sessions with the Dually halter the mare changed her attitude when being led.

What I like about the Dually halter is the fact that it does not cause the horse pain. As Monty puts it - the Dually is uncomfortable for the horse when he is being uncooperative and comfortable when he is being cooperative. Pain is not involved with the Dually halter at all. The horse really is training himself with the Dually. I used it on the 4 year old and even a couple of times as a refresher for my trained horses when they would rush out the gate when being led. You can use the Dually when lunging a horse or long-line lunging or even when you ride your horse - it has so many uses. I would highly recommend the Dually Schooling Halter.

The Dually halter comes in four sizes (Pony-Small-Medium-Large) to fit all horses. I have the Medium and it fits my Arab, 1/2 Arab, Paso Fino and Rocky Mountain Horse so that gives you some idea about the sizing. It comes with instructions or you can go to Monty’s web page and watch a video of Monty himself explaining the uses for and use of the Dually halter. For information go to and click on the store.