Heart & Soul Story- Midget The Lone Pacer

This photo postcard shows Jack Clark’s 8 yr old son with “Midget-The

Lone Pacer” circa1922. His daughter Lorraine was also one of Midget's trainers traveling

with her father on the fair circuit, but I couldn't locate of photo of her and the little mare

She was billed as “ Midget the Lone Pacer” on the Fair bill and she a was Standardbred Pacer. She was an attraction at local Fairs in the 1920’s. Midget would come out onto the race track, with her trainer, wearing a white harness and she would pace completely around the race track alone. She wasn’t harnessed to a racing sulky and no one drove her around the track, she went all alone. Midget would pace around the track one time and return to the spot where her training was standing .

She was called Midget due to her small size. It is said she fit into a Market Basket when she was a foal. Her trainer, Jack Clark, raced and trained Standardbred Harness horses. He trained her to pace around the track alone and Midget loved to do it.

Midget also enjoyed being ridden bareback by the children in the family. She had wonderful temperament, allowing several of them climb up on her back. She didn’t mind if they walked underneath her while she was being bathed. Midget also didn’t mind if, once in a while, the kids would race her against another horse.

The little mare was a bit of an escape artist as well, but everyone always knew where to look for her when she got out. They would find her at the local Fairgrounds in town pacing around the track, of course.

This memory of Midget isn’t exactly mine, it was told to me by my Mom and also by my Aunts. Jack Clark was my Grandpa and he trained Midget The Lone Pacer. My Grandpa passed away long before I was born so I never had chance to meet him or found out how he trained Midget to pace around the track alone.

I cherish this memory even more now since my Mom passed away in 2018 as has have all but one of her eight siblings. I'm so very lucky to have been born into a family of horseman and woman.