Adult Walk Trot Classes-A Fun Class For Those New To Showing

In recent years Walk/Trot classes, that were once exclusively youth classes, are being offered for adult competitors. This class is now offered at many shows, including USA Equestrian sanctioned horse shows.

Competitors may compete either Western or English, depending on their prefererence.The class is judged in the same manner as a pleasure class is judged and the same rules apply.The judge is looking at whether the horse is a

pleasure to ride.

The horse should have relaxed way of going and the rider should be relaxed as well. As in any other type of class the horse should move out willing when asked to make upward or downward transitions. The only difference is the fact the

competitors are not asked to canter, they only asked to show in the walk and

trot gaits.

This class is really an ideal place for the adult amateur, who never shown, to start. Most first time competitors will find this class less intimidating, due to the fact that they aren’t asked to canter. It gives the first time competitor experience in the show ring with less stress than in other classes. It builds confidence in both horse and


A Walk/Trot class is also very suitable for the young or green horse who hasn’t had show experience. The young horse who hasn’t the polish and maturity to compete in a pleasure class can benefit from competiting in this class. It allows them

to gain experience in the show ring with slightly less stress. Sometimes it is diffcult enough for young horses, with all that goes on in the ring , without being asked to canter or lope (a gait that doesn’t always come easy to them

at first.)

If this is the year you want enter the show ring for first time I would certainly recommend an Adult Walk/Trot class. Or, if you have a horse who has never been shown the walk/trot class would certainly be a great place to start.