Crossing Training

by Cheryl Childs/Legacy Training

The word dressage comes from the French word dresser which means training. The training methods used in dressage develops, obedience, flexibility and balance horses which would apply to any disciplines and that is where Cross Training comes in.

Cross Training is using dressage training methods to train or improve your horse as well as your riding skills. No matter what type of riding you do, there is always a place for dressage training. Using dressage training techniques can help your horse become more relaxed, obedient, athletic and fun to ride. It can also help him have a longer more useful life. It will help you develop a happy well trained horse no matter what discipline you chose to ride or whether you trail ride or show your horse.

Crossing Training increases your communication with your horse and establishes a foundations which a horse can excel in any discipline. People from all different discipline have incorporate dressage into the training of their horse. Cross Training helps horses become more willing. Your horse will respond more enthusiastically to the your cues. It will help the rider to develop non-verbal language with their horse as well as invisible signals. You will find your horse will be a pleasure to ride,

Who is Crossing Training good for, well everyone. If you are a trail rider you will find your horse is more agile and more confidence and a pleasure to ride. You will find he has more stamina as well on the trail. Crossing Training is great for those showing their horse Western, Hunt Seat, Equitation just about any discipline, because it is a foundation for all those disciplines. It will improve your horse's performance. Even riders who Barrel Race or do Endurance riding have found this method of training improves their horse's performance and attitude.Crossing Training should be a part of every horse's training program.

So many people think dressage is about riding a dressage test on a very expensive horse while wearing a top hat and jodhpurs, but it is really just about a training method. Your horse doesn't have to be expensive, you don't have to wear jodhpurs and you don't have ride a test for your horse and you to benefit from the training methods of dressage.

Happy Trails,