Horse Breeding The Good The Bad And Ugly

Over the years there has been a growing debate and oftentimes controversy over breeding horses. Many feel that horse breeders have flooded the market as it were with horses which on some level is sadly true. We have seen many breeds fall from grace as it were from Arabians to Quarter Horses as too many horses were produced for the amount of people interested in having those breeds.

We are all painfully aware of the amount of horses going through auctions across the country. Every day we see posts on social media about registered horses being sent to auctions and how people are trying to rescue those horses. There are so many wonderful horse rescues out there today who have horses they know are purebred. In some cases the hores at the recscues even have the registration papers with them. Not to mention all the good grade horses out there in need of homes as well.

We can all agree there is a problem out there that needs to be remedy, but with that said we can't paint every horse breeder with the same brush. There are responsible horse breeders out there who aren't flooding the market with horses. Some breeders will stop breeding mares for a season or two, change their breeding program if necessary all in effort to breed responsible. Most horse breeds want to preserve and protect their beloved breed of horse.

For many horse breeders making sure the horses they breed and sell don't end up at an auction barn is first and foremost for them. They want a reputation for breeding good horses that are placed in good homes. I know a couple breeders who have put a " buy back" clause in their sales contract so if the buyer isn't happy with the horse they will buy the horse back from the seller. Some breeders will literally place a horse with someone over selling that horse if it seems as though the person and horse are a good fit and they know the person will give that horse a great home. There are breeders who spend months making sure they find the right person for the horse they are selling. Consider the fact that yearling is the offspring of a much beloved mare and stallion in their barn.

So in conclusion if you want to adopt a horse that's wonderful it gives a horse in need a forever home, but don't be ashamed of purchasing a purebred horse from a responsible breeder. I have a couple great horses in my life who came from a good breeder. Don't be ashamed of purchasing a horse from what we used to call a " backyard horse owner" the best horse I ever owned came from just such a person.

We should all be against irresponsible breeders and auction barns , but also keep in mind if those responsible breeders are forced to stop due to being painted by the same brush as those irresponsible breeders horses will eventually disappear from the plant. Personally I can't imagine this world with out horses.