Horse Talk's Sister Podcast - Awesome Dog Talk

Horse Talk is so pleased to announce they now have a sister podcast Awesome Dog Talk. Most horse owners have at least one or more dogs that are just as much a part of our lives( if not more on the some level) as our horses. So many of us have that dog(s) that goes out to the barn, rides along to the feed store or comes along on that trail ride with us.

Like Horse Talk where we talk horse the Awesome Dog Talk podcast we talk dog. Please check out the Awesome Dog Talk Podcast. Don't forget to go to the Awesome Dog Talk Blog as well. We talk dog on the podcast whether it's talking to a Veterinarian about health issues or profiling a dog rescue we want to inform and entertain our listeners.The Awesome Dog Talk blog is great place to go for some information and news all about dogs.

Go to listen to the podcast. Go to

to read the blog.