Keeping the west wild: ‘Wild Lands Wild Horses’ tells the story of America’s mustangs

A virtual screening of the award-winning pilot episode of the docuseries, Wild Lands Wild Horses, will explore the beautiful yet politically complicated lives of America’s wild horses.

In Wild Lands Wild Horses, wildlife photographers Jamie Baldanza and Deb Lee Carson join forces to document and interview scientists, ranchers, government officials, and wildlife advocates on the uncertain future of America’s wild horses.

The pilot episode features the Twin Peaks HMA (herd management area), and through the series up to a dozen different herds are filmed.

WLWH seeks to raise awareness about the 45,000 wild horses in need of adoptive homes and their ongoing need to stay on the range. It also aims to save America’s iconic western heritage and offer solutions that will work for all special interest groups involved in public lands.

Baldanza, who quit her job in the advertising industry to photograph wild horses across the US, leverages her passionate Instagram following to raise awareness for the plight of mustangs. Wild Lands is the culmination of her outstanding photography and tireless advocacy.

Carson is a photographer and artist whose Fly Without Wings exhibit pays tribute to America’s wild spirit, and has raised substantial funds for wild horse non-profit organisations. She has more than 50 years of equine reproductive experience, 12 years observing wild horse behavior, and 3 years working as a field research technician with the Colorado State University wild horse contraceptive study.

Wild Lands Wild Horses has already won multiple awards at film festivals including the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, the Awareness Festival, and the LA Femme International Film Festival.