Kentucky equine hospital co-founder tells his “half” of the story

Profits from the sale of a new book by veterinarian Tom Riddle, co-founder of the renowned Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky, are destined for two foundations.

All profits from the sale of The Riddle Half (of Rood and Riddle) will go to the Foundation for the Horse, the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ (AAEP’s) charitable arm, which supports horses and horse people throughout the world, and the Theriogenology Foundation, the global non-profit of the organization of veterinarians dedicated to animal reproduction.

In The Riddle Half, the author Riddle includes stories from his childhood and career, and his role in establishing one of the largest equine veterinary practices in the world. Riddle tells how he and Dr Bill Rood joined together and built a practice in Lexington, Kentucky, which now also has locations in Saratoga Springs, New York and Wellington, Florida. The hospital has achieved both a national and international reputation for excellence in equine veterinary medicine.

The book is aimed at horsemen and women who want to learn more about breeding mares, veterinarians who are considering a group practice, and veterinarians who are interested in equine reproduction.

In reviews, the book has been described as a “must read” for veterinarians and broodmare managers.

Rood and Riddle began as an ambulatory practice in Lexington, Kentucky in 1982 and established a full-service equine hospital in 1986.