Legacy Training

Press Release- November 30 2020

Cheryl Childs Horsemanship is pleased to announce their new name - Legacy Training. While it is a new business name rest assure Cheryl will not being changing her training methods for both horses and humans that she being using for 30+ years.

Cheryl explains why she felt it was time for a name change, " Honestly I was considering it for some time, but with all the changes that COVID 19 forced me to make I felt like making a change that was my choice. Why did she choose Legacy Training? " My Grandpa trained and raced Standardbred horses, so it I felt like I was continuing his legacy and I us some of his methods so it just felt right,"

Legacy Training goal is to help horses improve their people through training clinics and lessons. Cheryl is now offering virtual lessons and clinics, but is hopeful by late Spring 2021 that in person clinics and lessons will be back on track. She will continue however with virtual lessons and clinics for those who prefer that methods.

While Legacy Training's website is still under construction please go to their facebook Legacy Horse Training & Clinics or you can drop them a e-mail at legacytraining75@gmail.com for more information. Look for their website to be up soon.