Message From The CLoud Foundation

I have always abhorred wild horse roundups, and TCF is committed to ending them...forever. The recent Stewart Creek roundup was very sad, but it was also a means to an end - the end being no more traumatic helicopter roundups

In central Wyoming's Stewart Creek HMA, we have an opportunity to demonstrate that wild herds can be managed with humane fertility control. Success here will encourage additional BLM offices to abandon the knee jerk, default strategy of calling in the helicopter contractors. Instead, volunteer efforts - like the newly formed WYWHIP - aim to manage wild horses on the range.

If you'd like to be part of the solution, watch the short video below and contact them to see how you can help.

And, adopt if you can! Many of the captured Stewart Creek horses are at the Canon City holding facility in Colorado. Become a wild horse partner and consider giving one of these magnificent animals a safe home, since they've lost the only one they've ever known.

You can donate to TCF to Stop Roundups in Stewart Creek Forever-

Thanks for all you do,

Ginger Kathrens