New equine “star” role for popular actress Beth Behrs

TV actress Beth Behrs has joined US charity Equus Foundation as one of its EquuStars, a group of popular and iconic horse lovers who help raise awareness and support for horse welfare across the country.

Behrs starred in the popular sitcom 2 Broke Girls as Caroline Channing, whose horse, Chestnut, made occasional appearances. She has also one of the stars of the current hit CBS Sitcom, The Neighborhood.

Beth Behrs and Belle. © Equus Foundation

Behrs said she was “beyond honored” to be named as an EquuStar. She joins Georgina Bloomberg, Brianne Goutal-Marteau, Clementine Goutal, Paige Johnson, and Jessica Springsteen in the role.“Horses force us to live in the present moment with a zen-like tranquility,” Behrs said. “They are the greatest healers, and we must treat them with the respect and love they deserve. I am so excited to inspire and educate the public on the value of horses in our lives.”

Behrs is a huge animal lover and horse welfare advocate and owner of a rescued horse, Belle, who has inspired her to get more involved in horse protection and equine therapy programs for survivors of sexual assault. She is also the host of her very own podcast called Harmonics which explores themes of creativity, healing, and wellness and has released a health and wellness book titled The Total Me-Tox published in the summer of 2017.

“There is nothing I feel more passionate about than protecting America’s horses and strengthening the bond between horses and people. When I rescued my horse, Belle, I didn’t realize that she was actually going to be the one rescuing me,” Behrs said.

Equus Foundation engagement vice-president Valerie Angeli said the charity was thrilled to welcome Behrs to the team.

“Beth walks the walk in promoting the welfare of all animals, but especially horses, and her social media is filled with inspiring messages and information on how to make the world better for the horses we love. With her large following of fans, we know Beth and her beautiful, rescued paint horse, Belle, will significantly help further our message of compassion, action and responsibility for horses across the country”