Virtual Horse Expo Coming In April

Join us for a exciting new virtual event, the Seasoned Rider Horse Expo. The event will launch April 1, 2021 Visit vendor booths and shop for all your horse needs from feed supplements to saddles. Stroll down our Stallion Row to find that perfect fella for your mare. Watch top trainers at the Training Video Corral. Listen to interviews with our vendors, sponsors, trainers and experts on Horse Talk Podcast each week. Entry our Monthly Seasoned Rider Best " View Through the Ears" photo contest. If you are an Artist you might be interested in submitting your work to our Equine Art Gallery if not be sure to visit the gallery.

The greatest part of this Horse Expo is you can visit it from the comfortable of your own home or barn. Admission is free and you can attend the event twenty four seven. . We will be adding more great events, trainers and vendors in the month to come so stay tuned. The Seasoned Rider Horse Expo runs April 1st through June 30th 2021, so save the date and we will see you there.

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