Virtual Horse Show For A Cause

Seasoned Rider is thrilled to be able to sponsor a virtual horse show to benefit Hooves & Paws For A Cause. All of class entry fees go directly to Hooves & Paws For A Cause for their programs.

Winston Churchill said “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” , well at Hooves & Paws For A Cause they believe that's true for children as well. Being outdoors with horses and nature can help a child build self-confidence, leadership skills, build better communication skills as well build empathy. Through their Horses Empowering Kids program children have an opportunity to build their self-confidence by learning about and being around horses. Founder Cheryl Childs saw what horses could do for children first hand while giving children riding lessons, " I have had children who were so shy they wouldn't talk to me when they began, but after a few weeks being around the horses they were full of self-confidence and I couldn't get them to be quiet. I had parents of riding students who would tell me about how their child's teacher at school would comment on what a change (for the good) they were seeing in their child," Horses can help empower children from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Hooves & Paws For A Cause also has a literacy program for children. The Hooves & Paws Let's Read program.Their mission is to increase literacy rate among children while giving them a lifelong passion for reading. Children are given an age appropriate book that will feature the horses and other animals who are part of the Hooves & Paws staff which helps peak the children's interest in reading the book. Each child is partnered with horses to read the book to them. Reading to a horse or a dog is much easier for a child as the animals are not judging them on their reading skills as humans often do, so they relax and reading becomes enjoyable for them not stressful.

We ask all our readers and podcast listeners to enter a few classes. It's easy, economical, fun and you will be helping a great cause by doing so.